Career Showcase

Career Showcase has been in business for 17 years hosting career fairs.

By attending an evening job fair, in a single night, you can meet hundreds of new candidates who are qualified, while being mindful of your budget. With our numerous methods of advertising and candidate sourcing, we become your personal recruiter

1) We tailor our advertising according to your specific needs

2) We host our job fairs in the evening so even employed candidates can attend

3) You present your company and positions to candidates in a theater setting to drive right candidates to your table

4) Our presentation format makes it efficient for your team at the events

5) We have been producing job fairs for the last 17 years and  have been a recruiting firm for over 20 yrs

6) Your branches will have access to a current resume database after every job fair of both those candidates that could and could not attend the fair…


Marketing Efforts

We market in several different ways(targeted email campaigns, job boards, social media, plus with colleges, business journals, news, radio stations and the local newspapers!


Presentations at the Event

Each client gives up to a 2-minute presentation to the job seekers, prior to us opening up the room for the main event, in order to entice the job seekers to come see you at your table!  This is a great time to give your “pitch” so that you can spend time actually talking with the potential candidates.


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