Leslie T Mitchell

A riveting combination of transformational leader, mindset coach, and impactful entrepreneur, it is no wonder Leslie Mitchell is sought after by corporate professionals, Fortune 500 companies, and aspiring leaders, for one common thing—results. With a BA in Communications, a MA in Telecommunications, concentrated in business, Leslie’s influence on the lives of those she comes into contact with, whether one on one or indirectly, never misses its mark. Her vision is to transform lives, her mantra is to Never Settle, her drive is to inspire continual improvement.

Founder and CEO of MindWork Solutions, Leslie Mitchell’s success as an entrepreneur emanates from her unrelenting attitude towards failure and her avidity towards overcoming barriers to greatness. Host of TV show, Women on Assignment, Leslie’s accelerating approach towards empowerment, through teaching the modalities of establishing a solid financial infrastructure, has garnered the attention of women around the world, on the verge of independence, self-actualization, and complete mindset transformation. Specialized in Training and Development, Credit and Financial Consulting, and Transformational Leadership, Leslie packs over two decades of experience as a professional corporate executive.

A Corporate Entrepreneur, as she is commonly referred, Leslie challenges those under her leadership to realize and reach for their full potential. A sought-after speaker, it is through her seminars, workshops, and executive coaching programs that she moves minds from unsure to sure, and from I can’t to I can. Having worked with major corporations like Wells Fargo, Florida Power & Light, and General Electric, she has used her competence and aptitude in business strategizing to implement effective process improvement methods within their existing business structures. The results: increased profit margins and improved risk management processes.

Among her greatest accomplishments, breaking out of the confines of a 9 to 5 job, braving the transition from worker to entrepreneur, and earning the designation of Vice President of Financial Education Services, all three have been most satisfying. As a Certified Life Coach, Leslie recognizes the unprecedented levels of growth and improvement that driven and motivated individuals amount to when directed by a professional who relates to them and who is equally after success as they are.

A family woman first, she is 20-years married to her college sweetheart—Gregory Mitchell, and mother to aspiring dentist, Jalen (17) and future Olympian, Dominick (12). A servant leader always, she is proof that a modern woman with goals and ambition, has what it takes to change the world by touching one person at a time.


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